Lviv Christmas

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There's no chance to get bored in the downtown.
Here a fortune-teller suggests disclosing secrets of the future:
Lviv Christmas

So, I'll read your palm
and tell you all the truth!
Lviv Christmas

You'll be healthy... and rich...
and live in plenty...
Lviv Christmas

And your wife will bear you…
ten kids!
Under the Christmas tree, a Santa Claus is calling men to a competition:

You there, don't turn away, please, I'm talking just to you! Come out!

However, here the Santa has made a fatal error - he's challenged Serhiy Antonchyk (on the left). Now it's quite clear who is going to win.

The Santa is recruiting the rest of the players but what for? Anyway they have no chances.

Serhiy is looking with an indulgent smile at all these useless efforts.

To answer a few questions isn't a problem for him.
Lviv Christmas
Serhiy merely can't do anything badly. He's the best!

The rivals are serious but they have nothing to hope for.

A several-second-long competition (AVI, 3,8 Mb), and he wins the prize. There were no doubts!

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