Lviv Christmas

Devils and angels
Street festival Singing Friendsí meeting

You can meet whoever you like here! The beauty and the beast,
Lviv Christmas. Verteps Lviv Christmas. Verteps
a dreamy angel...
and a person of royal origin...

Here, the heavenly creatures
are kicking up a row...
Lviv Christmas. Verteps
and the devilry
behaves politely...

...and even courteously.

The wise Galician kings know
what colours they have to put on
to deserve approving glances
of Lviv girls
Wherever you look, you find yourself surrounded by white and fluffy...

or, well, not always white
but nevertheless fluffy creatures!
And even old ladies with a scythe don't scare anyone here.

Devilish reminiscences...
Or scare, after all? Are you scared? No? And I've been trying so much...

and this is a little professional devil Danka.

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