Websites dedicated to Lviv:

"Leo Photo" - perhaps, the biggest photogallery of Lviv the main point is that its authors are in love with the city!

" " - ,

Jumping Rat`s Livejournal - a photo diary of a Lviv citizen where you can always find new first-rate pictures. Apart from that, here you can see his collection of Lviv hatches

"Proba pera"("First attempt") and "Vpechatleniya"("Impressions") - two photogalleries of Lviv at Oksana Rybkas websites

Lwow Wschod Info - a Polish website with various information under the following motto: "Wszystko, co chcesz wiedziec o Lwowie, ale wstydzisz sie zapytac" ("All you want to know about Lviv but feel ashamed to ask")

"Moj Lwow" ("My Lviv") - a historical nostalgic website in Polish

"LWOW - moje ukochane miasto" ("LVIV my beloved city") - a Polish website the name of which speaks for itself. Moreover, there is a page dedicated to "Okean Elzy" there!

"Cerkvy Lvova" ("Churches of Lviv") - a photo album dedicated to architecture of Lviv churches from the Middle Ages to our days
Related cultural artistic websites:

- website of "LuxAeterna", a Ukrainian light theatre discover Artistic Light and Artistic Sound!
Dzyga - an artists union
- website of "Dzyga", an artists union. About Lviv. About art. About people. About "Dzyga". About "Lyalka"
Silver Wolf
- website of "Silver Wolf", a historical reconstruction club. Middle Ages, as well as knights, elves and hobbits
Evgeniy Grishkovets` fan-club
- the thing is that I`m in love with him beyond all measure, and nothing can be done about it
Monuments of Ukrainian towns and villages, travels and tourism:

"Starokostyantyniv and others" - interesting places of this and some other Ukrainian towns and villages in pictures and comments

Serhiy Kyforenkos personal website - information about Ukraine, its history, architecture monuments and historic figures

"Dnister reminiscences" - all about natural and historical monuments of Prydnistrovya (after "Dnister" expedition materials)

"Myslene drevo" - Mykola Zharkykhs project, a universal hierarchic data base in history and culture of Ukraine

"Castles and churches of Ukraine" - the most known website on the topic

"Monuments of Ukraine" - Anna Volfs website

"Along the roads of Western Ukraine" - another website of Rybka. Reports on travels and of course! pictures

"OKO. Architecture and local lore of Ukraine" - a quite young website; the authors try to realize an old idea systematizing and presenting in an encyclopaedic format information about various monuments collected by common effort

"Unknown Podillya" - secrets of Horodochchyna, a corner of Podillya along the Smotrych and Zbruch rivers

"Zemljane" ("Earth dwellers") speleoclub - a new Kyiv website on travels to caves and not only

Kyiv Politechnic touristic club website a little known address of the well known "Globus" club